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Great when you get this feedback

Dear Liz,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for the delivering such a great course yesterday and for giving me such great strategies and tips when taking minutes. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the course, but I found it most enjoyable and very beneficial. It was also great to have the opportunity to meet and work with other people from the University.

Maybe I’ll be in another of your courses one day!

Thanks you again,

Kind Regards,

Exams and Awards Officer

Student Records, Registry Services

Great to get this feedback


Liz recently delivered our ILM Harassment Advisor programme to our NHS Trust.

“The Trainer was patient and provided the course to suit all levels of staff. Great coverage through the workbook and time on the course was well structured.”

“A professional approach with clear to understand materials.
The course was engaging and well-structured and the trainer facilitated by creating a very comfortable environment.
My work team will now be aware of a service which they can approach confidentiality and receive support to help resolve situations.”

Wellbeing Programme
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It has been a delight to run a wellbeing programme to our community covering; forgiveness, depression, anxiety, grief, perfectionism, shame, anger, self acceptance and healthy relationships.

Get in touch to find out which wellbeing programme would benefit your organisation.

Dealing with difficult people

Great to receive this feedback on our latest virtual training workshop:

Hi Liz

Thank you so much for delivering the training, we really enjoyed it. I did ask the team for some feedback so please see some comments below:

  • Firstly, thank you for sorting that training out for is. Personally, I found it really useful and helpful to put in to practice in both personal and work life! I thought she was a great training provider.
  • Overall, I thought this was a really good training session, with just the right amount of exercises to keep it engaging. She was very good and had great delivery. I felt like I got a lot from that today.  
  • Many thanks for organising this, the session was very informative 🙂 It was good that Liz tried to conduct the training in context of the way we work, as in it was clear she researched our company before the training. It helped me visualise how I could apply the skills we learned in the way I work and the types of situations our team might typically face, as opposed to just generic ones. The training was really helpful and Liz came across really knowledgable, eloquent and engaging.

Thanks again.

Katy Richards    |    HR Manager

Mediation services

The mediation we offer is a confidential form of alternative dispute resolution. We help two or more individuals or groups reach a solution that’s acceptable to everyone.

As an external mediator, we are able to be impartial and non-judgemental.

We will ask questions that help to uncover underlying problems, assist the parties to understand the issues and help them to clarify the options for resolving their difference or dispute.

We go through a mediation process, following acas guidelines:

  • First contact with the parties – separate meetings
  • Joint meeting- issues discussed and explored. Solutions and agreement encouraged and joint problem solving techniques used. If parties will not sit in the same room we will use shuttle mediation, where the mediator will pass messages and responses.
  • Closing the meeting will happen once an agreement has been reached.

A CIPD survey showed that the use of mediation is on the increase in being used to solving workplace conflict. It also highlighted the following benefits:

  • It helps to solve conflict quickly before the situation rises to damaging disputes.
  • It saves money for organisations as it is a cheaper response than an employment tribunal.
  • It helps to solve conduct and performance issues.
  • Mediation improves relationships.
  • It helps retain valuable employees.
  • It reduces the number of formal grievances.
  • It reduces sickness absence.



“I was sceptical that mediation would help to sort out the differences between our two directors. We thought one of them would have to leave as it was effecting our business departments working together, to achieve essential results. Yet, after two sessions you had solved their differences. A massive thank you”.   HR Director


Unconscious Bias Training – Face to Face or Virtual

Attend our interactive 3 hour training session to learn how are unconscious biases can have an impact on our working life decisions.
We will cover:
Ø What is unconscious bias
Ø The triggers of unconscious bias
Ø The negative impact of stereotyping and discrimination
Ø How are values impact us at work and how to recognize the impact of these on others
Ø How to manage our natural unconscious bias
Ø The business case for managing unconscious bias
Ø Case studies and scenarios

Choose one of the following sessions:
17 July, 27 July 1000-1300, 29 July 1000-1300, 30 July 1000-1300 and the 31st July 1000-1300. For a cost of only £99 per person. Limited to ten people per session. Other dates are available.
To book your place email #unconscious bias

Virtual training workshops now available

Virtual training workshops now available

Make your emotions work for you, as life can be hard. Its harder though without the skill of emotional intelligence. Learn at our workshops how to have this skill.

(We have some new dates released as our original dates have sold out, get in touch to find which suite you).

We have adapted our bestselling course to be delivered in four very interactive virtual sessions. Each session lasts 90 minutes. We will only be delivering these sessions to groups of 10 or less.

The overall aim of the workshops is to learn how to manage your own emotions and influence the emotions of others. You will be able to understand how you can use your own Emotional Intelligence to maximum use and get more positive interactions with others. Delegates will understand the four key areas of emotional intelligence and will have their own action plans on areas they need to focus on. They will know which techniques to use to improve their emotional intelligence.

To find our more, please get in touch





2020 Constant Change

The biggest request for us so far this year, has been for the delivery of change management programmes.

Change is constant. Some organisations deal with the change process better than others.

People can get stuck in their comfort zones. When the resisters of change seem stronger than the drivers for the change, people will stay in their comfort zone. When the drivers for the change feel stronger than the resisters, people will more likely leave their comfort zone and embrace the change. When drivers and resisters are equal, people will probably procrastinate, or will feel that their organisation is going round in circles.

The comfort zones, the stress and uncertainty for employees needs to be addressed. This is what we love doing in our programmes.

Coaching works !!

Coaching works !!

Liz provided us with coaching training for our Directors and mediation training for our HR team. The courses were engaging, inclusive and informative and helped give us the tools to be able to change some cultures within our business. We liked Liz’s style so much, we asked her to carry out coaching on our Directors to help us become more effective, more rounded leaders. We also asked Liz to facilitate 360 feedback sessions to help make our coaching sessions more meaningful. Liz has really made a difference to me personally and has helped me to become a better leader over the past 6 months. Thank you Liz.

Gemma Bowers    HR/L&D Director    Regular Cleaning