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Visionary Training Process


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The four stages of our Process

  • Diagnostic stage
  • Design of solution
  • Delivery of solution
  • Follow up check and coaching

Benefits of using the Visionary Process

The main benefit found from organisations we have used this process with, is the understanding our trainers show of their business. The diagnostic stage helps us to understand your business, and build credibility and relationships with your employees. We also get to see the business in the eyes of the customer.

The information we gather will help in designing a tailored training programme for you. We will be able to incorporate “some real life examples”.

We offer a free follow up service to all of our clients, as well as follow up coaching and observations. This greatly helps in the transfer of learning, so you will be able to actually see the return on your investment.

Diagnostic Stage

How do customers really see your organisation? What is your customers real experience? A diagnostic check will give you that information. The diagnosis will ascertain, whether you are giving that exceptional customer experience.

Design of solution

From the diagnostic customer check, a bespoke solution will be designed for you. This will be totally tailored to your needs, working along side your organisations, vision and values.

Delivery of solution

The designed solution, will be delivered in a training workshop or through coaching.

Follow up

It is very important to put into practice, what you will learn. This can be encouraged through 1-1 follow up coaching and also on-going customer checks. The customer checks, keep staff ‘on their toes’ and also can highlight, any new training needs.