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Mystery Shop


Mystery Shopping will evaluate and measure your customer and sales services. We do this by sending in individuals acting as if they were your customers.  This will give you a very fast and effective method of obtaining hard objective management data about customer service and sales levels.

We offer different types of Mystery Shop. The most common is where we visit your work premises to make an evaluation. Another type we offer is evaluating your services over the telephone. We can evaluate a variety of situations such as calls from prospective customers to handling of complaints.

How we do it

1st Phase – Consultation to discuss which areas you want to be mystery shopped.

2nd Phase – Joint diagnosis of evaluation forms to be used and ratings agreed.

3rd Phase – Agreement of the amount of mystery shops to be carried out.

4th Phase – Mystery shop report completed with scorings and improvement suggestions.

Examples of areas that can be mystery shopped:

• Friendly and approachability skills

• Helpful when asked certain questions

• What were staff actually doing during observations

• Communication clear and precise

• Attentively listened

• Created a positive first impression

• Professional

• Sales opportunities taken

• Dealt well with problems

• Appearance of work areas and employees