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Mediation Service


The mediation we offer is a confidential form of alternative dispute resolution. We help two or more individuals or groups reach a solution that’s acceptable to everyone.

As an external mediator, we are able to be impartial and non-judgemental.

We will ask questions that help to uncover underlying problems, assist the parties to understand the issues and help them to clarify the options for resolving their difference or dispute.

We go through a mediation process, which follows acas guidelines:

• First contact with the parties – separate meetings

• Joint meeting- issues discussed and explored. Solutions and agreement encouraged and joint problem solving techniques used. If parties will not sit in the same room we will use shuttle mediation, where the mediator will pass messages and responses.

• Closing the meeting will happen once an agreement has been reached.

A CIPD survey showed that the use of mediation is on the increase in solving workplace conflict. It highlighted the following benefits:

• It helps to solve conflict quickly before the situation rises to damaging disputes.

• It saves money for organisations, as it is a cheaper response than an employment tribunal.

• It helps to solve conduct and performance issues.

• Mediation improves relationships.

• It helps retain valuable employees.

• It reduces the number of formal grievances.

• It reduces sickness absence.


“I was sceptical that mediation would help to sort out the differences between our two directors. We thought one of them would have to leave, as it was effecting our business departments working together to achieve essential results. Yet, after two sessions you had solved their differences. A massive thank you”.   HR Director