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I have just checked our online survey responses and we received this comment about yesterday’s course;

“This was one of the best training sessions I have attended in a long time. Not only where the course materials excellent but the skill and attributes of the tutor were second to none. Overall an excellent training session that I would highly recommend to colleagues”

Kind regards

Andy Allen

Learning & Organisational Development Manager

Nacro, the crime reduction charity

Great news from one of our clients after some presentation skills coaching

Hi Liz,

Just wanted to let you know that after your suburb coaching with Simon on the presentation to the EEF we won the award!! We are so happy.

Thank you for the help.

Kind regards

Paula Carter                   Group Learning and Development Manager                Stadco Ltd




Presentation skills

How often do your staff need to present? What sort of impact are they having with their customers?

Every customer interaction they have, is a chance to present themselves in a way, that positively represents your company.

Every individual has a personal brand which can destroy or bring in new business.

Our recent most popular training programme has helped individuals with a variety of presentations

Contact us to find out how we can help your staff represent your company in a positive way.

Assertiveness training recommendation

I approached Liz in early 2015 to provide Circle Housing with an Assertiveness course for all levels of staff, following many staff approaching me about assertiveness and confidence issues in the work place.
Liz and I discussed the learning need and Liz provided a overview of the product.
I attended one of the sessions and was impressed with how Liz engaged the attendees and how they opened up and discussed their individual assertiveness and confidence concerns. After the sessions Liz provided me with evaluation from the sessions.
Following this I contacted attendees and their line managers to gain feedback about the sessions and an understanding of the individual changes and for internal evaluation. The feedback about the sessions was fantastic with many confirming they would recommend colleagues to attend.

October 15, 2015, Training Manager

The benefits of good physical and mental health within the workplace

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, states in their latest news that there is a strong business case for organisations to promote good physical and mental health for all staff. Actively promoting staff wellbeing leads to greater staff productivity, morale and retention, and reduced sickness absence.

The CIPD annual absence management survey show, produced in partnership with Simplyhealth, shows that mental health issues are a major cause of long term sickness absence from work. The number of employers citing a rise in reported mental health problems has risen significantly since 2009, when 24% of employers saw a rise in reported mental health. This figure rose to 42% in 2013 and has remained at this high level since.


Visionary Consultancy offer mental health coaching and workshops. Contact us for more details via email  or telephone us on 0800 1488928.