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If they can talk about it, why can’t we?

Recently members of the Royal family have been talking about mental health. So why is it still difficult for employees to talk about theirs?

In my 21 years of coaching and training, I am beginning to finally see a change. The reluctance to talk about mental health is finally being overcome.

When coaching a new client, their mental health is where I like to begin. The mind and body are interlinked. The way we think effects the way we feel, which will all have a negative or positive impact on our behaviour, within the workplace.

We all know how to get physically fit but are we keeping mentally fit?

Let’s encourage people we work with to talk about their mental health. Only then, can we coach them on how to get mentally fit.

Team development in our frantic world

Have you ever started your day with the best intentions? You were determined to remain calm, positive and have great communication with your colleagues. What happened? How long did you last?

According to psychologists Art Bell and Brett Hart, there are eight common causes of conflict in the workplace.

The eight causes are:

  1. Conflicting resources.
  2. Conflicting styles.
  3. Conflicting perceptions.
  4. Conflicting goals.
  5. Conflicting pressures.
  6. Conflicting roles.
  7. Different personal values.
  8. Unpredictable policies.

With all of the teams I have worked with over the last 21 years, I found the main cause of conflict was conflicting pressures. The first step in solving this conflict is for individuals to learn how to manage their own stress and emotions. It is amazing how a few simple strategies and tools can have such a positive impact on how a team operates and performs.

We need to be doing all we can, to solve the conflicts, rather than ignoring and hoping they will go away.



21 years in business!!

We are so privileged to be experiencing our 21st year in business.

It started to make us reflect on some of the highlights from the last 21 years.

We have worked with various blue chip companies, and numerous other organisations. Yet, the biggest highlight for us, is when we receive feedback from clients, telling us what a difference our training has made to their organisation.

I guess in essence, we thrive on making a difference!

What have been your highlights? What do you look forward to in 2017?

Brand new mediation service

We are delighted to announce a brand new mediation service. According to a CIPD conflict management survey report, the main benefit in using mediation is improving relationship between individuals, cited by 80% of respondents, to reduce or eliminate the stress involved in more formal processes (64%) and to avoid the costs involved in defending employment tribunal claims (52%). Another CIPD survey identified some more benefits; retaining valuable employees (63%), reducing the number of formal grievances raised (57%), reducing sickness absence (33%). How does your organisation benefit from mediation?

Lets give at Christmas

It was a privilege to work with such a great team this week. We delivered over a 1000 presents to homes in our community. More to be given at our free Santa’s grotto event this Saturday. Well done to everyone involved.

Have a heart for the homeless

What a privilege to be able to make up some Christmas gift bags for a wonderful charity for the homeless. The inspire team worked so hard and we were able to donate 140 gift bags. A big thank you to all the retail outlets who donated.

National stress awareness day

Acas have announced that stress accounts for around 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health. I have seen this for myself in the 20 years of delivering stress management programmes for organisations. Many of the organisations I work with do take the well-being of their employees seriously, but some try to equip their employees with stress management skills only after situations have arisen.  Let’s focus on making stress management a fundamental skill to be taught to our employees early on in their careers, not only when something goes wrong.

World mental health day

Today is world mental health day. In the 20 years of running my training and coaching business, I have never come across so many people who don’t realise how important their mental health is. Most people will accept that they need to look after their physical health, but are oblivious that equally they need to look after their mental health.

It has been a real eye opener when coaching individuals whose work performance is suffering, to find out that they do nothing to look after their mental health. It has been very rewarding to have been able to have coached people in their mental health wellbeing. For the organisations I have worked with this has had the added benefit of bringing an increase in the individuals work productivity.

What do you do to look after your own and your team’s mental health? To find out how we can help contact our office on 0800 1488928 or email

Coaching brings results

It was fantastic to receive the following feedback from one of our multi national clients:

“I would like to thank Liz for saving my career! The coaching I received for stress management has been excellent. The coaching has given me the confidence to know how to use the shared techniques and tools. I will carry these with me for the rest of my career”.

Supply chain manager

Learning at work week 16-22 May 2016

What are you doing to celebrate learning at work week 2016?

We can help you with this celebration of learning with some snappy short sessions at any time of the working day to suit you.
We have attached our details.

We can deliver these sessions in over 40 subjects, which will be tailored to your specific objectives.
We look forward to hearing from you on what dates in May suit your organisation.