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Unconscious Bias Training – Face to Face or Virtual

10 Jul

By: visionary

Attend our interactive 3 hour training session to learn how are unconscious biases can have an impact on our working life decisions.
We will cover:
Ø What is unconscious bias
Ø The triggers of unconscious bias
Ø The negative impact of stereotyping and discrimination
Ø How are values impact us at work and how to recognize the impact of these on others
Ø How to manage our natural unconscious bias
Ø The business case for managing unconscious bias
Ø Case studies and scenarios

Choose one of the following sessions:
17 July, 27 July 1000-1300, 29 July 1000-1300, 30 July 1000-1300 and the 31st July 1000-1300. For a cost of only £99 per person. Limited to ten people per session. Other dates are available.
To book your place email #unconscious bias