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New Year, New You?

01 Jan

By: visionary

When you think of detoxing, what comes to mind?
Maybe, you are thinking of cutting out sugar, fatty foods or alchol? Or thoughts of can I really be this strict, or can I actually be bothered!
What about having a detox with those negative emotions that are clinging to you and filling you with poison? In my 21 years of training and coaching individuals, I have seen many organisations filled with contagious negative emotions. This has led to poor staff morale and productivity.
Can negative emotions have such power, you ask?
In the “Emotional Intelligence Quickbook” by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, they discuss how all our emotions are deprived by 5 core feelings; happiness, sadness, anger, fear and shame.
They also discuss the different levels of these emotions. For example; low anger would be feelings like being irritable or uptight, where high anger would be being furious, enraged and seething.
What feelings do you need to detox?
What is going to be your focus for 2018?

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